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May 04, 2009



Rob, do you know if a viewer-that-displays-XBRL-data-and-highlights-the-use-of-extensions-when-I-click-on-the-round-Interactive-Data-button-next-to-any-live-filed-XBRL-document-made-since-April-13th is available, or do you know if/when it might be? Any other free Web accessible third party viewers for any-live-filed-XBRL-document-made-since-April-13th yet? Looking forward to seeing what evolves. Maybe someone should run a contest for a shorter name for the-viewer-that-displays-XBRL-data-when-I-click-on-the-round-Interactive-Data-button-next-to-any-live-filed-XBRL-document-made-since-April-13th. :) Paul

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